Floor skirting

Floor Skirting

MDF support coated with "finish foil" post-impregnated paper, colours matching each flooring design and it makes the difference.

Bilrich flooring - Profile

Flooring Profile

Profiles for all cases. Whether transition, adjustment, end or angle section - here you will always find the right profile. Multiple lengths available.

Bilrich flooring - floor cleaner


Skin-protective neutral cleaner for the final construction and regular cleaning of laminate and vinyl floors. Remove dirt, grease and shoe marks. Does not build up layers.

Bilrich flooring - Stain Remover

Stain Remover

A glue and stain remover to clear glue residues after floor-laying as well as other stubborn stains such as: heel marks, colour, felt pen, resin, chewing gum,glue, ball point pen, crayons, nail varnish, shoe polish, stamp ink, wax.


Bilrich Flooring - Floor Profile

Bilrich Flooring - Floor Profile

Bilrich Flooring - Floor Profile

Don't forget the accessories!

Coordinated with each flooring design, skirting and profiles bring the finishing touch that will make the difference.

Check list
  • Skirting
  • Profile
  • Floor Cleaner

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A+, for a healthy environment!

The health safety labelling gives consumers details of the amount of volatile substances released into the interior air by flooring and is ranked on a scale from Class A+ (very low emissions) to Class C (high level of emissions).
Our flooring is ranked A+, based on tests performed by an independent laboratory.

Bilrich flooring

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