? Bilrich Furniture & Flooring - About Us

Our simple philosophy is to offer the best quality furniture, the best prices, and the best service.

Bilrich Corporation Pte Ltd


We sell wonderful, authentic, future-proof furniture. We don't do fashionable, we don’t do this season’s look, we do forever lasting.
Why we’re different comes down to something simple; we care. We aren’t a big corporate machine – we genuinely love what we sell, endeavouring to make BilRich a destination for design, a pedestal and celebration of talent, creativeness and distinction. We are proud that BilRich is a place we want to (and do!) shop at ourselves. We understand you because we are you. We make our own wish lists and, just like you, want to fill our homes with the kind of comfort, sentiment and personality that we’ll want to hold on to forever.


We started our journey in 1989 as a trading and construction company operating mainly in Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Back in 1993, we transformed our company into a flooring distribution company focused on the Singapore market. In 2000, BilRich became the exclusive Asia Regional Distributor for European flooring and furniture. Currently we import French flooring and furniture and Swiss engineering floors and Luxurious Vinyl Tiles (LVT).

However, our journey doesn’t stop here, we work tirelessly to improve and stay up to date with the latest trends so we can offer you only the finest products sourced from the European markets.